Easter Egg Hunt – Manual

Table of contents

  1. Installing the plugin
  2. Creating eggs
  3. Placing eggs with shortcodes
  4. When an egg is found
  5. Resetting eggs
  6. Support
  7. Requirements
  8. Copyright


1) Plugin Installation

Unzip the .zip file you received when purchasing the plugin.

Installing via the WordPress admin panel

  1. In the WordPress admin menu, go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Click the ‘Upload plugin’ link on the top of the screen. Here you can select a file to install by uploading it. Locate the file contained in the .zip file you unzipped.
  3. After uploading, click ‘Active plugin’ to finish the plugin installation.

Installing via FTP

If you cannot install the plugin via the admin menu, you can upload the contents of to your website directly.

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Upload the ‘easter-egg-hunt’ folder via FTP to your_site/wp-content/plugins/
  3. After uploading the folder, go to Plugins in the admin menu. Click ‘Activate’ under the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ plugin.


2) Creating eggs

After installing you can find the Easter Egg Hunt settings page under Settings->Easter Egg Hunt


First, you need to create some new eggs. Click ‘New egg’ to select an image. Any image can be used, but will be constrained to a maximum of 64×64 pixels.

The plugins comes with a selection of egg images you can use; they are located in the .zip file.



3) Placing eggs with shortcodes

After creating eggs, click the ‘Save Changes‘ button at the bottom of the screen. After saving, shortcodes will appear below each egg.

You can copy & paste these shortcodes in any post, page or widget on your website. Make sure all eggs are findable!


4) When an egg is found

When a visitor finds an egg and clicks on it, a pop-up will appear. Showing a pop-up is optional, but this is a good way to let the visitor know he is making progress.

pop-up egg

Similarly, when a visitor successfully finds all the eggs, a pop-up will appear. This is a good place to put a coupon for a shop, a secret message or other prize for the visitor.

pop-up all eggs

You can edit the title and text in the pop-ups by clicking on them. Pro tip: you can use [eggs_found] to display the total number of eggs the visitor has found.

If you want, you can redirect the visitor to a page or URL after successfully finding all the eggs. This happens after the pop-up is shown.


5) Resetting eggs

Found eggs are stored in browser cookies. You can reset all found eggs so that the visitor has to find them again. This is useful after removing eggs so you can be sure deleted eggs are not counted.

6) Support

Thank you for choosing this plugin! If you have any questions or suggestions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me at CodeCanyon, or my contact page.

7) Requirements

WordPress 3.5 or higher

8) Copyright

Easter Egg Hunt is copyrighted by DeEindbaas. Please purchase your copy and license here.

Egg images used with license from

easter_egg_yellow_red_blue easter_egg_twitter easter_egg_striped easter_egg_ribbon easter_egg_ribbon_green easter_egg_red easter_egg_red_green_blue easter_egg_purple easter_egg_pink easter_egg_green easter_egg_green_red easter_egg_facebook easter_egg_cream easter_egg_china easter_egg_blue easter_egg_blue_purple easter_egg_blue_2