Hotspots UI Overhaul

Posted on 2017-04-29

It’s been quite a while since my last upate. So without further ado; this is what I have been working on.

UI Overhaul

Last update described that I rebuild the tooltips completely, removing the qTip2 library. That library gave some troubles on mobile devices and hasn’t been updated in a while, so I was glad to be rid of the dependency.

As I was improving the tooltips, I wanted to expand the functionality for icons too, which meant I had to expand the UI, which escalated in a complete overhaul of the plugin. The core mechanics are the same, but the UI has been greatly improved and this gives me space to add a lot of new functionality.

The UI elements have been divided into tabs; with Icons now having it’s own tab. One of the things I wanted to add was the option to use your own custom icons. It was requested a lot and it would add a lot of flexibility to the plugin. So now you can select the all the included icons as before or you can select any image from the media library.


Bunch of created icons


New ‘Select from Media Library’ option


Most of the work was figuring out a clear way to edit the icons and pop-ups, and modifying individual Hotspots. I prefer that no manual is needed, but I suppose every piece of software had some kind of learning curve. I just like to keep that as short as possible. So now when you click a hotspot from within the admin panel you can directly edit the text and select and icon. I’m still working on a nice way to edit the popup directly from within the same screen.


work in progress


What’s next

I’m targeting a release of this update withing the next 3 weeks. Meanwhile I will post more (small) updates regularly,  just to keep momentum.  Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or questions please contact me here.