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Hotspots with Comments – WordPress plugin

Visitor comments within images.

Let your visitors leave a comment right within your images. Click anywhere on the image to create a hotspot.

Moderate hotspots just like regular WordPress comments.
Approve, delete or close new comments.

Buy for $17 on CodeCanyon

Compatible with WordPress 3.5 and above.

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You can use standard tags like <b> and <i> to markup text or place links.
Click anywhere on the image to create your own hotspot.
This is a hotspot created by a visitor. Hotspots work just like WordPress comments, so you can edit and moderate them from the admin.

Visitors can create hotspots on images and leave a comment. Add hotspots yourself to create tool-tips or annotations.

Your email address will not be published.

Click the image to create a hotspot.

Increase visitor engagement by letting them point out ideas in images. Place hotspots yourself to highlight specific points in your photos.

Hotspots can be public or private and are moderated like regular WordPress comments. Place image with hotspots anywhere in posts, pages or widgets with a shortcode.

Control who can create hotspots. Choose to let anyone create hotspots or only create them from the WordPress admin.

Compatible with WordPress 3.5 or newer

$17 - download from CodeCanyon

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New comments are pending approval by the admin. You can see your own hotspots after creating them.

Your email address will not be published.

Click the image to create a hotspot

Visitor created Hotspots

After placing a Hotspot Image (with a simple shortcode), visitors can click the image to create a hotspot and leave a comment.

Custom Hotspots

Choose from over 350 included (fontawesome) icons.

Select the color and size of any individual hotspot from within the WordPress admin.

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Red Icon
Yellow Icon
Green Icon
Blue Icon
Select from over 350 icons.
Choose any color with the color picker

New hotspots are closed for this image (can be set in the admin)

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Embed videos (like this YouTube video) by copy-and-pasting the video code in the pop-ups.

Include images with the comment editor in the WordPress admin

These hotspots are created from the WordPress admin.

Custom content

Custom hotspots can contain text, images and videos.

Select from multiple pop-up styles and colors.


Choose from over 350 icons.


Built-in color-picker for icons.

Pop-up styles

Select from various pop-up styles.

One-click installation

See the documentation for detailed instructions.

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