Temporary Download Links for WordPress

With the Temporary Download Links for WordPress plugin you can create custom download links for any file in your Media Library.

Share the link anywhere by copy & pasting the temporary URL. The link will expire automatically after a set time or after a number of downloads have occurred.

  • Create multiple temporary download links
  • Automatically expire download links after a time limit
  • See download details for every link.
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For WordPress 4.2 or newer.

example download link:

example download link:

This link automatically expires after 200 downloads ( 200/200 )

Create download links

Create any number of download links for your uploaded files. Use it when you only want to give temporary access to a file.

Any file from the Media Library can be used and a custom download link will be created.

Set a time limit

By default the download link will be available for 24 hours, but you can set any time. Only want the link to be active for an hour? Or one year? No problem.

Set a download limit

Alternatively you can set a maximum number of allowed downloads. After the limit has been reached the download link will be disabled.

Useful for use-only-once links or a "first come, first served" approach when sharing files.

View download details

See how many times the file has been downloaded, and when.